Thursday, August 3, 2017

About Eiland Arts

One thing I have learned it that there are never too many ways to earn a living for yourself. When I first entered the art center I viewed it as a coffee shop. Then as I further learned about the fellowship, I found out that it is a gallery for local artists, a small art gift shop, a teaching center for musicians, a photography studio, a summer art camp and a cafe. These things allow Eiland Arts multiple ways to keep a steady income. I always wanted to have my own photography studio and continue to make art but I NEVER thought about other ways that could help me earn a living.

Eiland Arts has helped me realize a lot of things. Never stop making art work! There are plenty of local galleries that want and need art. Never think that there is only 1 way to do things. One business idea could expand into several others. Be creative; I’ve had to be creative in school for projects but I haven’t expanded my creativity to business ideas.

I love everything about the art center. The people who work there are very friendly and the food there is great as well. I also forgot to say that the art center is ECO friendly! Everything is reused or re-purposed for something else. Save your egg cartons!

I wouldn’t have spent my summer any other way. Learning the business has taught me such much. I’m always eager to learn more about it as I get closer to graduating from college. It’s great to know that even after school, you can continue to use everything that you’ve learned. 

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