Monday, July 31, 2017

My first day

My first day at Remark Glass was 5/18. This first day was an introduction to the studio and where everything was located. I also cleaned 24 bottles to be prepared for a big lighting installation that would be installed in a bar in Fishtown.

Instructions for cleaning bottles:

1. Rinse Bottle
2. Fill with water
3. Soak in bucket overnight
4. Take label off with blade carefully
5. Cut metal off bottle neck with green handle snips
6. Scrub outside with soap and sponge and rinse
7. Fill with Alconox 2.5 spoons per gallon
8. Leave for 10 mins
9. Rinse

After cleaning bottles, I prepared the bottles that were complete and on the frame/fixture for packing. This involved labeling each bottle with a letter and number and the same letter and number on the fixture where that specific bottle was placed.

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