Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The sewing machine!!!

Finally, I tackled the scary looking machine in the corner, I actually stepped forth and introduced myself to the...sewing machine! I did not think it would go as well as it did but I can say with confidence know that I understand the basics of how it works and can do the basics, I know enough to now venture on my own but I am definitely the slowest sewer that ever lived! I put together these little plug socket and light switch stuffies for Kay, and for someone who is a sucker for process I really appreciated being able to take this pieces from beginning to end!
First I screen printed mini rectangles with both sockets and light switches. Then cut up multiple layers of stuffing sheets roughly the size of the prints and blank fabric also roughly the same size. Then using the light box, I outlined in pencil the outskirt of the drawing so that I would know where to sew. Then I sandwiched all the pieces together, print side facing down on the blank fabric, and carefully and ever so painfully slow sewed all around the rectangle leaving a small inch lengthen opening. I then turned them inside out!

Now for the scary part! Trapunto! A quilting/stuffing technique where you sew over the stuffed layer. I do admit I was so timid with the machine pedal that it may have taken me several hours to do a few, then every time I got a little bit more confident I pressed too hard and sewed all over the place and had to start all over again. However when I eventually got into a slow but steady rhythm I can understand why the art of sewing has such a rich history of use, besides the necessity for it in daily life, there is such a meditative repetition that I can see myself getting lost in thought to the hum of the motor and pedal. I may not have managed to do them all, and with as much accuracy as I would have liked, but as Kay so kindly reminded me, it was meant to be art and not some sterile made object! I look forward to exploring further and really getting quick and confident with this mysterious mechanical creature! 

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