Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Last week was fun.

They’ve been sending me around the city to collect checks from different housing networks that they work with for their outreach program so I've had a good time exploring and getting to know the metro system in order to get from place to place. Even just walking around and getting a sense of direction is nice, and getting to be outside in this great weather is definitely a bonus.

I came in on Monday, which I usually don't do so that I could be a part of the board meeting that they were planning to have. Unfortunately about 3 hours before they were supposed to meet, one of the member's had to cancel last minute prompting Eryc to postpone the whole thing. Since the board is comprised of a select few people, even one person not being there really made it not worth having. This was kind of disappointing as I was looking forward to seeing how the meeting was going to run and the topics that would be discussed between the members, but we still got a lot of work done. I had the task of putting together and organizing a big informational packet about the company for each member. It was very crafty, which I love, so I had a good time doing that.

I stayed over until Tuesday and finished the rest of those informational packets and then got to organizing the drive folder so that it would be easier to access documents. A lot of the information needed for the packets was scattered about in different folders, so I made a master folder of everything that it contained for future packets to be much easier to make.

Thursday the publicist was set to observe rehearsal so that she could write up little blurbs about the pieces they would be performing for the season. Stress levels were high because Eryc really wanted to put his best foot forward and was getting nervous about the pieces not being ready. I reassured him that they really did look good and that the dancers were going to do a great job. When he went up to get the publicist, the dancers did a run through and asked for notes from me. I helped them clean a few parts that needed a second look at and the result was a lot more confidence and togetherness from the group. I had to leave early but Eryc said the run was a great success!

I really enjoy talking to Eryc to get an idea of what he wants from the group and then watching him implement that in rehearsal. It helps me to see what he’s looking for and how he goes about getting those results. In turn, I get a better sense of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to prompts and direction for a group piece.

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