Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Client work

“Remark Glass” is their company that creates dinnerware and kitchen ware using recycled bottles. They also work with clients outside of the company. Some things they do are fabrication, cold working and glass blowing. My fourth day, I worked on a piece for one of their clients. There were 8 large pyramid shapes made of 3 mirrors. Previously, they “bedazzled” parts of the mirror with Swarovski crystals using a non-permanent adhesive (because the client wasn’t sure if she wanted the crystals to be permanent or not). The client wanted the crystals taken off and reapplied with a permanent adhesive as she had made a decision for the crystals to be permanent. I took the panels off that the crystals were attached to, scraped the excess off the mirrors with a razor blade, then cleaned the mirrors with windex and denatured alcohol.   


  1. Hi Andrew, that piece that you helped put together sounds really pretty. Was it used just as a mirror or was it a decorative piece? I read another one of your blogs where you talked about changing the form of wedding glass to make it into another piece that people could use. Thats a really creative idea. Do you have any of the pictures of the items that you created?

  2. This whole process sounds so interesting! How great that you got to work on pieces for their clients too!