Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A bittersweet goodbye

I was so lucky to get paired with such a wonderfully talented and kind host. Kay was patient and so helpful, an extensive teacher that went over every step and explained processes and steps as many times as you asked, not once making you feel like you were doing something wrong or too slowly. I think that is the main reason I feel so confident with the lessons and techniques I walk away with from this fellowship.
She is someone I look up to and I know as I develop my artist career I will frequently refer back to the lessons and experiences I had this summer. I understand now how disciplined and hard working you have to be a successful artist. Constantly challenging yourself and pushing yourself to make new and thought provoking content.
Above in the trio of instagram of posts is just a small window into all the amazing projects and experiences I had in this fellowship. I had the pleasure of meeting Kay's and Greg's sweet loving pup Eleanor, I will miss her early morning leaps of joy, she is more calm and collected as a dog than I  will ever be! Also meeting and befriending the other fellow, the beautiful and talented Julia, it was so great to share the experience with her and I look forward to seeing what new weirdly brilliant work she produces in her senior year at Uarts! We made some great memories at New Courtland and went on all kinds of adventures with Mr. Foot!
Lets see how many of my summer fellowship goals can I tick off?

  • Assist with inventory? TICK- Not only did we catalog and tag almost every piece Kay has but I also became a master art packer!! 
  • Sewing? TICK- I still am timid and extra extra slow but I have been practicing and moving forward, all thanks to Kay's patient step by step tutorials! 
  • Screenprinting? TICK- YES the part of the fellowship I was most excited about I feel so confident and ready to venture on my own with, I did every step multiple times in multiple variations and we went straight into the "tough stuff" can't wait to get into the Uarts screen printing studio and practice what I've learnt! 
  • Observing studio operations? TICK- Not only did I get the pleasure of working along side Kay but I also got to peak into the process of working of her lovely husband Greg. I am so grateful they let me observe and learn from their daily practices. I can move forward with a much more in-depth understanding of what lies ahead! 

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